Why bother moving things to your new home which you forgot you had, and don't want anyway? Through the Tidy Love tested process, we'll help you downsize by categorizing and decluttering your belongings BEFORE you move to your new home. This makes packing simpler and unpacking a breeze.


Discover what you really have

  • Categorize all the items in the house so you can see the full picture of what you actually own
  • Find all those "missing pieces" and put them together again


Downsize before you move

  • Quickly decide what stays or goes
  • Which means you won't have to pack and transport things you no longer want


Optimize the packing process

  • Easily & quickly pack items by category and room
  • Minimize resources spent on packing labor, supplies & transportation


Get your home ready to "show"

  • Show a clutter-free home before you've moved out (this is every realtor's dream!)
  • Gain more time on the market & potentially sell your home sooner


Make unpacking a breeze

  • Know exactly what's inside each box
  • Easily unpack and organize your new home, spending less time unpacking and more time enjoying your new life

Done With You

The done-with-you option is great for getting the family involved in your project or stretching a budget. We'll work with you side-by-side and guide you through the entire categorization & decluttering process, step-by-step.


Done For You

The done-for-you option is perfect if you have limited time to participate in the project or are physically unable to do many of the required tasks. We'll do the categorizing, and you remain in control of choosing which items are decluttered.

Are you ready to downsize and make moving a breeze?

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